Ballroom For Benefits

"Ballroom For Benefits" is a non-profit fund-raising effort, operated by Dean and Kim Helbley, who live in the Lock Haven Pennsylvania area.  

The idea is simple:  They organize a ballroom dance, and then donate the proceeds of the dance to a worthy non-profit cause.  Some dances are held at the Old Paint Mill, and some dances are at other locations.

Ballroom Dancing promotes fun and fitness in a positive social atmosphere.  As of January 2011, they have organized several successful dances in Clinton and Lycoming Counties and promoted awareness for many organizations and individuals in need.

Contact Ballroom For Benefits Volunteers
 Dean and Kim:
Email: -- this address forwards to Dean and Kim Helbley (and also BilltownWeb for monitoring).

Snail Mail:

Dean & Kim Helbley
51 Model A Drive 
Lock Haven, PA 17745